On May 30, 1972, a 13-year-old boy stood in the batter’s box of a Dixie Youth baseball game. He had already hit two home runs in that game.  His brother and best friend were standing outside the fence, so proud of what this skinny, coach’s son had accomplished. With much bravado the boy said to the two, “I’m gonna hit the next one out for you.”  The brother and best friend laughed and went back into the stands thinking the boy was so lucky to have hit the first two. The boy went into the batter’s box and half heartedly pointed to the outfield fence with his bat as if to call where he was going to hit the next pitch. The first pitch was right where he liked them; shoulder high and right down the middle. Crack! Home run number three.

I remember thinking after the game, “There will be lots of days like this.” But all through the Dixie League and high school, there was never another day that ever quite equaled that one. I still have the baseball from the third home run sitting in my 40-year-old catcher’s mitt in my office.

I find my mind taking me back 40 years, to that day in 1972 every time I am in the midst of the joy experienced during a great ride, the celebration after a goal is accomplished, or just the feeling one gets just being around their horse. We always think there will be more days like these magical moments, but many times they are never repeated. It brings me great pleasure to know that I am helping everyone celebrate and preserve some of the singular, magical moments in their lives.

Digital Photography

All things related to equine photography; horse, pets and human portraits, equestrian events, farm and ranch calls, fine art prints and much more.

Whether you are enjoying the splendor and beauty of your horse, celebrating a win or simply remembering great friends and experiences, Equine Sports Media works hard to capture quality images of horse and rider.

Video Production

Not having a web-based video or DVD in this new internet marketplace will be looked on in the same way as not having a website a few years back.

To entice a buyer to invest the time and expense to travel any distance to see your horse, a well produced video, either posted online or sent as a DVD, is the ultimate marketing tool available.

Website Design & Maintenance

Your web site should be the best possible representation of your business. It is an investment.  The great news is that the cost of one web site — which will last for years – costs less than advertising in monthly publications.

Equine Sports Media not only focuses on creating sites that represent you in the best possible light but also sites that are optimized for search entgines — so your customers can find you.